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A young and dynamic company looking for new agents.

Thanks to the work and the combined forces of a skilled and dedicated team, Monuments S. Gagnon Inc stands by the quality of its monuments and its commitment to innovation. Wish to sell our products, it is rub challenges and skills, but also feel proud to join a major player in the field of monument.

Our success is the involvement of our employees and the professionalism of our agents who deserve our recognition and trust. If our name is respected in our community, it is thanks to our team and distinguished by its quality, expertise and dynamism.

Monuments S. Gagnon Inc. is seeking individuals or companies interested in acting as agents or distributors in many parts of Canada.

If you want to sell our products, please contact us.

This full-time employment or part will be paid as a commission. Monuments S. Gagnon Inc. provided training and equipment sales and promotion.

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